Efficient Technique

Let’s go back to geometry class.
Josh Brown
August 12, 2022
Efficient Technique
energy efficiency

Let’s go back to geometry class. Remember the x-y axis? Don’t worry, this won’t be very hard.

The x-axis goes horizontally, the y-axis goes vertically.

On the y-axis we have Work Accomplished. On the x-axis we have Energy Expanded.

As we start a new activity, we expend a lot of energy learning that new movement.

Over time, we become more efficient and use less energy stabilizing ourselves in space.

As we become more efficient, we are able to use that energy we were using before to move faster or more weight.

Thinking of a 100 meter sprinter. If they become more efficient and take .001 seconds off their time, that can be the difference between the Gold Medal and Silver Medal.

We here at CrossFit Viroqua are here to help you move more efficiently, so your day is easier. Normal day tasks seem easier. You have more energy to play with your children.

Schedule your FREE No-Sweat Intro here today and see how we can help you be more efficient!

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