My feet and back are sore from being on them all day...
Josh Brown
January 20, 2023

I got home from a long day of work, I took my boots off and laid down on the couch to rest, I was exhausted. My feet and back are sore from being on them all day, just need a few minutes to rest. My child comes running up to me and says, “Daddy, let’s go outside and play!” Not right now buddy, I am too tired to go and play. My child turns around and walks with their head down because I am too old and tired to play with them. My heart drops, I have that heavy feeling in the back of my throat. I need to make a change, I need to start, it just takes so much energy, will I be able to do this?

It’s hard to get started again, we feel like we are so far from our youth when we had the energy. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to get the train rolling, but once it gets moving, it gets easier and less energy to keep it moving.

We at CrossFit Viroqua understand, we have heard countless stories about not being able to play with their children. They drew the line in the sand and said I am going to make a change. We help you get moving and with a consistent routine and nutrition, it gets easier and you find that you have more energy to play with your children, even grandchildren.

You are never too old to get started, click HERE to sign up for your FREE No-Sweat Intro today so we can show you how we can get you the energy to play with your children and grandchildren!

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