MY STORY – Why I decided to become a trainer/coach

I have always been into fitness.
Josh Brown
January 20, 2023
MY STORY – Why I decided to become a trainer/coach

I have always been into fitness.  Growing up, I was always participating in school sports and continued through college as I pursued a degree in Exercise Science. After graduating from Central College in Pella, IA, I started my career as a personal trainer helping people one-on-one and slowly growing into small group training.  One day a client asked if I had heard of CrossFit.  My college pole vault coach had introduced me to CrossFit and I had been following the main site on and off for a few years. I began following more intently and decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 in December of 2012 so I could begin coaching as an official CrossFit coach.  WOW, did that change things up for me!  As soon as I returned, I switched all my prior programming for my clients and started incorporating the programming into my own workouts. After a few short months of doing CrossFit style workouts, I noticed faster results, my joints were no longer hurting, my cardiovascular endurance was improving as well as my range of motion and I wasn’t getting bored with the workouts. My clients were getting better results and having more fun in their workouts as well. In June of 2014, I opened CrossFit Viroqua under the guidance of my employer at the time, Vernon Memorial Healthcare (VMH). The support and encouragement from the community have been more than I could ever imagine! I am excited to begin a new chapter serving our current members as well as welcoming new members.

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