Seasons of Life

Continuing off of yesterday’s post, Crawl, Walk, Run
Josh Brown
June 14, 2022
Seasons of Life

Continuing off of yesterday’s post, Crawl, Walk, Run, Jim Rohn wrote the book, “The Seasons of Life” in 1981.

There is an order to life, just like learning how to run.

Summer comes after Spring

Fall comes after Summer

Winter comes after Fall

Spring comes Winter

For many, being limited to our homes and not able to travel felt like Winter.

Right now I feel like we are coming into Spring again after the Safer and Home Order.

People are starting to venture back outside more and appreciate nature and being able to be with other people.

Jim talks about going through each season of life like we go through the seasons of nature. We will have times of death and cold, times of birth, times of status-quo, and times of falling down.

With each season, we know that we are not going to be there forever. The next season is coming. We learn from the seasons.

Are in a slump; remember, Spring is coming!

If you are in the season of Fall and can feel Winter coming, you can prepare and have your winter coat, winter boots and stocking cap and mittens ready so you can get through Winter faster. If you need someone to talk to, you can always set up a Client Check-in here.

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