Ian Aspenson

Ian Aspenson




CF Weightlifting


Hobbies and interest. CrossFit, getting in the bro reps, archery, barn restoration and the Packers get too much of my attention.

Favorite Quotes

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire.

– Arnold H Glasgow

Nice Prius.


About Coach

Hi, My name is Ian Aspenson and I’ve been in CrossFit since 2012. Here is a little bit of my fitness journey. Right out of high school I moved to Milwaukee and I got sucked into buying a 3 year Bally’s total fitness membership, that I used 3 times. I didn’t like that they were always overcrowded and I had no sense of direction or motivation. I moved to Detroit (where I married Hannah) and had similar results. Hannah would run and I would play video games. I never found anything that would keep me motivated to get healthy.

Turning Point

I was on YouTube one night and someone posted a challenge of 100 burpees for time, I watched the video and thought I could do better. After a few more fitness challenge videos I found CrossFit. CrossFit ignited my competitive side to fuel my fitness. For the next three years with some sketchy homemade equipment, I did CrossFit in my basement and garage following CrossFit Invictus programming.

Motivation & Passion

Not until joining CrossFit Viroqua in 2015 did I understand that I was missing the power of having a community around me. I love the fact that I now have the opportunity to give back to the community through coaching. I have a passion for this and I hope it shows when I coach. I work in agriculture and live in Viroqua with my beautiful wife and 3 kids.

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