Goal Review

Quarterly Check ins to keep pushing us forward!
Josh Brown
January 20, 2023
Goal Review

What are Goal Reviews and Why?

Goal Reviews are a check in every 90 days for best results.

What got you started for goals changes over time. We look back on the past 90 days and see what positive things you have accomplished. Things you have struggled with and come up with new goals to keep something pulling you forward.

Over the years, goal reviews are even more important as personal records are harder to achieve. Maybe we need to refocus on mobility the next 90 days, our nutrition, or practice a new, different skill to keep you moving forward.

If you feel yourself stagnate, you need to set up a goal review today. It is a great way to check in with the coaches and let us help you continue to be the best you!

Schedule your goal review here!

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