Rob Budworth

Are you scared about joining CrossFit, great coaches to make you feel comfortable and everyone is helpful so you succeed.
Josh Brown
January 4, 2023
Rob Budworth

To anyone thinking about joining CrossFit Viroqua....

What are you waiting for? Seriously, every day you put this off is another day you lose being a better YOU! You lose another day of feeling better and reaching goals. I was in those same shoes. I put it off for over a year.

My family and I love to hike and be outside. I was noticing how tired I got and how fast I was getting tired....this wasn't right. In fact, I was tired all of the time. Even if I got "a good night's sleep" I woke up exhausted. I started getting really concerned. I decided,...I'll start walking and biking more..., then I'll be able to be fit enough to join a gym. That's crazy and a bad excuse! I will give you that one single worry though, but I'm correcting it too. The word "CrossFit " can be scary and daunting to someone, especially if you're not in physical shape like you'd like to be. That was the number one thing that surprised me though. From what I (thought) I knew about CrossFit was, it's intense. I was expecting to show up and almost be in the way of others, I wasn't. I was welcomed and felt comfortable.

Everyone else that goes there is working towards a goal just like you want to be. No, not everyone is at the same level but we're all there working towards our goals and helping each other get there. Nobody cares how much or how little you lift, or run, or whatever you want to insert here. We care about each other getting better than we were, and the coaches are great. They are there to help you succeed!

You should start eating better if you're not already no matter what. If you start CrossFit, you'll notice some incredible things and changes in yourself and you'll want to start eating better anyway.

I'll end with what I've already started saying, I sleep better, I eat better,  I'm in an overall better mood on a daily basis. I have way more energy and my confidence is boosted. I've NEVER been a morning person my entire life, but suddenly I'm excited and (usually) energized to get up and start my day, starting with the gym. There is the option of working out at the end of the day too, it's up to you.

You have to want this for yourself, you just have to take the first step.

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